ROOF-IT Roof coating

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200 Gallon/Gallons (Min. Order)
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Building Coating
Application Method:
Brand Name:
Storage Period:
room temperatures up to 10 years
Drying Time:
3- 30 minutes
Class 5 - no evidence of flaking or loss of adhesion.
custom colors with orders of 5 gallon pails
Water Resistance:
No evidence of blistering or wrinkling when immersed in water at 23 C
2000 Gallon/Gallons per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Lead Time :
7 days to one month


Roof Coating Sealer Leak Repair. Metal,Asphalt,Wood,Concrete,Fiberglass.
Rock Hard finish, waterproof,high impact .Custom Color



Coating Sealer Leak Repair.






 ROOF-IT is a Water Based Liquid Roof Coating Sealer/Sealant. Product is High Impact Resistant  - Reinforcing Roof surfaces against extreme weather conditions -ie hail  - heavy rain- snow - ice and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Roof-It will   protect asphalt roof shingles against very high winds and UV Rays. Roof-IT will be WATERPROOFING your Roof. Roof-IT can  Paint Rolled , Sprayed or Brushed . Apply as Easy as Paint. Dries fast in warmer temperatures 5- 15 minutes. Forms a Rock-Hard Finish but still flexible.

The Liquid Roof  Coating is applied on Asphalt Shingles Roofs -  Metal Roofs - Aluminum Roofs  - Concrete  Roofs - Wood  Roofs - Tile Roofs - Tar Stones Flat 

  Custom Colors Available !!

With Orders of 5 gallon Pails

Actually change the color of your Roof overnight 


Roof-IT applied on Shingle Roofs- 

Before your shingle roof starts to deteriorate and your shingles start cracking , peeling & wearing off  apply ROOF-IT .   Roof-IT   forms into a Rock hard finish. Resistant to moisture - waterproofing your Roof , salt, chemicals, high impacts, UV rays & extreme heat & cold temperatures. Flexible. 

Apply One coat for Shingles in good to Fair condition - 

Apply one coat Coating should last from 15 to 25 years 

Apply 2 coats on asphalt shingles roofs coating should last over 25 years

Apply 2 coats in areas that are old  & wearing out or have leaks.

Coating Seals your roof from leaks & repair roof areas that you have a leak problem

Roof-IT for Metal -Concrete - Wood - Tar Stone Flat Roofs 

 Roof-IT has a Rust Inhibitor protecting  Metal Roofs from rust & corrosion & extreme temperatures. Roof-It will waterproof metal, concrete, wood , Tar/Stone Flat roofs . Roof-It will extend Life of the roof  Apply 2 coats for maximum results

Available in Custom Colors!!

We custom color






  • Roof-It is a Liquid Polymer Roof paint coating that  hardens into a ROCK-HARD finish. Applied as easy as paint.
  • As a Roof Sealant it is Resistant to moisture, acid rain, extreme temperatures, high winds  heat, cold , ice storms, snow, small hail storms and high impacts
  • Eco-friendly, Water Based, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, and Non-Corrosive.
  • Acts as a Metal Roof Coating against anti-corrosion, wear and anti-rust.
  • Fast Drying in warm temperatures.
  • Flexible
  • Apply in temperatures over 50F
  • Roof-It as a Roof-Sealant is Resistant to Salt,Oil,Chemicals and Acids
  • Covers 70-90 Sq. Ft.( 1 Gal / 1 Coat)
  • Comes in one or five gallon pails
  • Custom Colors
  • Roof-IT Roof Coating is Resistant to temperatures up to 570 degrees F
  • Resistant to temperatures below 60 F


For Asphalt Shingles, Concrete, Terra Cotta, Asphalt and all Shingle Roofs

  • Apply in temperatures above 50 degrees F
    Surface must be clean & dry
  • Use paint brush roller or spray gun
  • If find product too thick Mix 1/4 to 1/2 a gallon of water for every 5 gallon pail
  • 2 coats recommended for shingles wearing off  worn or Leaking Roof 
  • Product dries fast in warm to hot temperatures 5 to 20 minutes




  • Roof-It is a Do it yourself Roof Sealer and Roof Leak  Repair Coating
  • Roof Sealant on All Roofs - RV, Metal ,Wood, Concrete, Asphalt, All Shingles and Terra Cotta
  • Easy Application. Brush. Roller Or Spray.
  • ROOF - IT as a Roof Sealer & a Roof repair will also seal & fill cracked shingles, adding a Tough Impermeable Finish
  • Roof-IT Roof Coating is resistant to very High Winds. Surface is Reinforced & protected
  • Add years to your existing roof by applying ROOF - IT.
  • Save thousands of dollars on a New metal, wood, asphalt shingle roof
  • Our Roof Coating will not crack, flake or peel after heavy abuse -Sealing & repairing your roof for a long time.
  • Available  comes in Smooth or anti-slip (GRIT) finish
  • No Primer necessary!
  • Fast Drying in warm to hot temperatures 5 to 15 minutes.
  • SeaLs and  provides a beautiful appearance and finish.


For Metal -, Concrete -  Wood - Tar/Stones Flat Roofs Roofs

  • Apply in temperatures above 50 degrees F
  • Surface must be clean & dry
  • Use paint brush roller or spray gun
  • No Primer Necessary
  • Use sandpaper to rough up surface
  • 1  gallon covers 110- 120 square feet one coat
  • Apply 2-3  coats recommended for maximum results.
  • Product dries fast in warm to hot temperatures 5 to 20 minutes


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